Baskin-Robbins brings layers of sweet, bubbly flavor to the menu this spring with new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea, available nationwide

CANTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Do you have the job? Does the team? Finally finished this great artistic project? Any reason to celebrate and “seize the Yay” with Tiger Milk Bubble Tea at Baskin-Robbins – a sweet new addition to the menu inspired by Asian milk teas loved around the world – now with a twist of ice cream.

Baskin-Robbins’ all-new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea pays homage to the beloved Taiwanese milk tea that took the world by storm, characterized by layers of fizzy flavor and eye-catching streaks of brown sugar syrup that look like tiger stripes when paired with the kaleidoscope of fresh black tea and milk.

Baskin-Robbins’ version of Tiger Milk Bubble Tea starts with the iconic “tiger stripes” brown sugar syrup, meticulously drizzled down the sides of the cup, before adding black tea swirled with fresh, creamy whole milk and a decadent layer of brown sugar bursting bubbles, bursting with flavor in every bite. And because it wouldn’t be Baskin-Robbins without some ice cream, it’s topped off with a scoop of classic vanilla ice cream. Designed to celebrate moments big and small, new Tiger Milk Bubble Tea is full of sweet surprises.

“For more than 75 years, Baskin-Robbins has taken pride in bringing new and innovative products to market. Tiger Milk Bubble Tea is no exception,” said Jerid Grandinetti, vice president of marketing and cooking at Baskin-Robbins. “Our team of flavor experts saw that consumers were craving new flavors and textures from around the world, which led us to create our version of this delicious beverage inspired by Asian milk teas.”

New Tiger Milk Bubble Tea is available for a limited time only this spring and summer at Baskin-Robbins stores nationwide*

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*Prices may vary.

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