Chocolate, pizza and avocado on Irish prisoners’ menu as criminals order bounties

Avocados, almond milk and grapefruit were on the menu for subversive prisoners in the most secure prison in the country.

Paramilitaries imprisoned at Portlaoise jail – including Garda killer Jerry Mccabe, Pearse Mcauley – can order whatever they want except alcohol under special arrangements.

Order sheets reveal their specific tastes with prisoners stocking up on eclairs, wine gummies, Tayto chips and Fanta orange for pre-Christmas celebrations.

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A December 21 requisition slip requested the purchase of cream spray, Lindt hot chocolate, and marshmallows to complement the hot chocolate treat.

Another for €18.70 on the same date was looking for a box of Christmas cards, microwave porridge, two pizzas, cocktail sausages and a packet of chicken goujons.

Prisoners also stocked up on Christmas fry, spending €43.20 on sausages, black and white pudding, mushrooms and smoked slices.

Pick boxes were also on the menu with an order sheet looking for two large Galaxy pick boxes and a Cadbury Medium Santa. Prisoners even kept up to date with promotions available at local shops, saying a large box of Tunnock’s tea cakes should be purchased for the “one-time offer” price of €9.99.

A December 23 order form called for 10 Cadbury Milk Trays, each costing €4.40; but if they were unavailable, the prisoners would settle for Ferrero Rocher instead.

Also on that list were a 12-box Lucozade pack, Dr Oetker pizzas, potato wedges and a large pack of Crunchy Nut cornflakes.

A Christmas Eve order was for Starbucks coffee pods for a Dolce Gusto coffee machine.

The Midlands Prison in Portlaoise.

The prisoners also requested a Magnum Double Gold Caramel Billionaire ice cream pack and multi-packs of Lucozade Sport and chewing gum.

However, it wasn’t all about junk food and treats, with some prisoners looking for healthier options.

A Dec. 29 order listed a request for a small bottle of cod liver oil capsules, a bottle of honey and a slightly less healthy 30-gram packet of Amber Leaf tobacco.

Another from mid-December looked for a five-liter bottle of still water, a grapefruit, and an avocado.

Almond milk was also purchased as part of a larger order of peanut butter, cashews, corn-fed chicken eggs and three bags of frozen raspberries.

A New Year’s party was also prepared for the prisoners, according to the order sheets, with prison officers dispatched with a long shopping list.

On it were three packets of ground meat, two packets of brioche rolls, half a pound of sausages, a bag of potatoes, a tub of burger sauce, and a multipack of Pepsi Max.

There was also a Mexican option available with a fajita kit, a packet of peppers, a garlic fillet, two Abrakebabra sauces, a seasoning, and a packet of Uncle Ben’s Mexican rice ordered.

Orders were received for prisoner toiletries, with one saying he wanted two bottles of “Radox or whatever (not L’oreal)” shower gel.

The dandruff shampoo was bought at half price, as were the Pampers scented body wipes.

The purchase orders, which were released under FOI legislation and cover the last two weeks of 2021, detail expenditure in excess of €1,200.

According to this week’s figures, there are currently 215 inmates in the high security prison out of a capacity of 291 beds, an occupancy rate of 74%.

The almond milk was part of a larger order of peanut butter, cashews, corn-fed eggs and three bags of raspberries.

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