CJ BIO and NatureWorks work on collaborative framework agreement to commercialize novel biopolymer solutions

NatureWorks is a pioneer in developing bio-based materials that reduce carbon impact and enable new end-of-use options with its Ingeo technology. As a company, it has developed many of the leading high-volume applications for PLA. In recent years, PLA has experienced significant growth as a bio-based material in a wide range of end products. Due to its unique functionality, it has been used to replace petrochemical-based plastics, with 100% bio-based content, and enables end-of-use recovery options, including compostability and chemical or paper recycling lying. Both companies realize the potential to further improve the performance and end-of-use solutions of biopolymers and increase the level of adoption in many new applications. By combining their expertise and technology platforms, NatureWorks and CJ aim to deliver next-generation solutions together. Initial development and collaboration show very promising results when using CJ BIO’s unique amorphous PHA in combination with Ingeo biopolymer.

CJ BIO is the world’s leading supplier of fermentation-based bioproducts for animal nutrition, human nutrition and biomaterials across its thirteen manufacturing sites worldwide. The company recently announced commercial scale production of PHA following the inauguration of a new production facility in Pasuruan, Indonesia. CJ BIO is today the only company in the world to produce amorphous PHA (aPHA), including the first product under its new brand PHACT, named PHACT A1000P. Amorphous PHA is a softer, more rubbery version of PHA that offers fundamentally different performance characteristics than crystalline or semi-crystalline forms of PHA. It is certified biodegradable under industrial compost, soil (ambient) and marine environment. Modifying PLA with amorphous PHA leads to improvements in mechanical properties, such as toughness and ductility, while maintaining clarity. This also adjusts the biodegradability of the PLA and can potentially lead to a home compostable product.

“Plastics are an essential material that improves people’s lives, but their fossil supply and after-use impact present a major climate challenge that must be addressed,” says Seung Jin Lee, responsible for the Biomaterials activity at CJ BIO. “NatureWorks and its Ingeo technology have already helped bring new material features and after-use options to market. They have extensive product and application development capability, supporting, for example, flexible and rigid packaging which we believe can benefit from our PHACT amorphous PHA technology. I’m excited to have the opportunity to create new solutions in tandem with NatureWorks that will have a real impact on the plastics challenge today, and help improve the environment for future generations.

According to the CEO of NatureWorks Rich Altice“The demand for sustainable products continues to grow around the world. For more than 30 years, NatureWorks has participated in the circular economy, developing advanced biomaterials that contribute to a more sustainable future. Looking to the future, we want to amplify the impact of our Ingeo technology with promising new biobased solutions, and we believe that with its PHACT aPHA technology, CJ BIO is an ideal partner to achieve our goal.”

NatureWorks and CJ BIO will gather feedback from existing and potential customers across a range of applications and markets including packaging, food service and organics recycling management to understand the growing need for functional product requirements that also align with sustainability goals. These collaborations will inform the companies’ product and technology development roadmap. Both companies say the letter of intent is the start of what should be a long-term relationship between NatureWorks and CJ BIO and aim to sign a primary collaboration agreement in the near future.

For more information visit: https://www.cjbio.net/en/products/cjPha.do and www.natureworksllc.com.

About CJ BIO
CJ BIO is a division of CJ CheilJedang, a main subsidiary in charge of food and bioengineering business unit of South Koreabased at CJ Group. CJ Group has developed its business portfolio into four main sectors: Food & Food Service, Bio & Pharma, Entertainment & Media, and Retail & Logistics.

CJ BIO is the world’s leading provider of fermentation-derived bioproducts for animal nutrition, human nutrition and biomaterials across its thirteen manufacturing sites worldwide. As a socially responsible company, CJ BIO strives to practice carbon-neutral manufacturing operations by using renewable raw materials and developing value-added co-products to minimize environmental waste.

About NatureWorks
NatureWorks is an advanced materials company offering a broad portfolio of renewable-based polymers and chemicals. With performance and economics that rival petroleum-based materials, naturally advanced Ingeo™ biomaterials are valued for their unique functional properties and used in products ranging from coffee capsules and appliances to tea bags and filaments. 3D printing. NatureWorks is jointly owned by Thailand PTT Global Chemical, ASEAN’s largest and leading integrated petrochemical and refining company, and Cargill, which provides food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services to the world. Learn more about natureworksllc.com and follow NatureWorks on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Ingeo and the Ingeo logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of NatureWorks LLC in the UNITED STATES and other countries.

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