Coventry Village Morley: April Ooi reviews Roll vs Bowl, Get Pretzels, Master Chang’s Bakery and Bak Kwa King

Don’t let the garish Minions statues scare you away from exploring the foodie maze at Morley’s Shopping Centre, Coventry Village. I visited five stores and will give my honest opinions on their top items.

Get some pretzels

Get Pretzels is a new store in Coventry Village. I tore up my soft matcha pretzel ($6.50), which was dusted with green tea powder and a very light coating of sugar. I can see my Malaysian grandma approving of the level of sweetness, but in my opinion I desperately needed more sugar, maybe even a drizzle of condensed milk. 6.5/10

Camera iconSiew pao, or grilled pork puff pastry, from Master Chang Bakery. Credit: April Ooi

Master Chang’s Bakery

The siew paos (barbequed pork pastry) at Master Chang’s bakery is $2.20 a pop, which is a bit more than I usually pay at my local oriental store. What sets these siew paos apart, however, is the generous core of sauce that springs from the flaky crust and its sunny tan from a generous egg wash. One bite was slightly waxy, but nothing too detrimental to their overall score. 7/10

Vegetarian banh mi at Roll vs Bowl.
Camera iconVegetarian banh mi at Roll vs Bowl. Credit: April Ooi

Roll against bowl

Roll vs Bowl in Coventry Village has a big following. Bollards are needed for the lines of fans eagerly awaiting banh mi (all protein options at the irresistible price of $6.50). The baguette is crispy and rocks the thick pickled vegetables and soft tofu well. I would choose the veggie banh mi at Roll vs Bowl over a one foot sub any day. 8/10

Pork jerky known as ba kwa at Ba Kwa King in Coventry Village.
Camera iconPork jerky known as ba kwa at Ba Kwa King in Coventry Village. Credit: April Ooi

King Bak Kwa

Bak Kwa is an oaky pork jerky that reminds me of my family vacation in Singapore. I was ecstatic when I saw that Bak Kwa King was selling 100g of the Devilish Ruby Square for $6.60. My slice was satisfyingly chewy without too many insoluble fat pockets, I would have preferred a smokier puff, but it’s the closest thing in Perth to Singapore icon Bee Cheng Hiang. 7/10

Sisig in chef Knowell's kitchen.
Camera iconSisig in chef Knowell’s kitchen. Credit: April Ooi

Chef Knowell’s kitchen

When I ordered the sisig with rice ($15.50) at Chef Knowell’s Kitchen, I didn’t realize I was getting a mixture of pork belly, ear, and liver. I thought I saw a dodgy anemone-like figure on my griddle, which made me look a bit like a person who prefers lean meats. However, I loved the pork crackle, which was in popcorn friendly and incredibly addictive style pieces. 7/10

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