Discover the brand new High Tea menu at Foncé Chocolatier and Café in Hyderabad

High tea at Fonce, Hyderabad

For the City Of Nawabs, tea is quite a familiar concept. Let it be the traditional Iranian Chai cafes or new-age lounges offering artisanal dishes, Hyderabadis simply cannot do without their cup of tea. And when we heard that Foncé Chocolatier et Café was introducing High-Tea, you can imagine our excitement. The new menu launched this week and we arrived at the outlet to check it out. Deepa Reddy, Founder, Foncé Chocolatier et Café ushered us in before it started. “We are thrilled to bring the High Tea experience to Hyderabad. Our idea was to make the evenings at Foncé beautiful by serving guests something they will remember us for. So a High Tea experience seemed like the best way to do it,” Deepa shared.

Enjoy your meal

We were pleasantly surprised by an impressive range of petit fours organized by the workshop. As soon as our plates arrived, we couldn’t help but marvel at their lovely presentation. We started our tasting with the Cheese Sticks. The sticks were crunchy and just what we were looking for. We then went for the Bruschetta. What we loved was that it was generously topped with freshly chopped vegetables, cheese and olive oil. Then we tried the Fish Orly, a fried fish fillet. The crisp outer layer was on point. The savory pies are what we chose next. The delicate bites came in two variations – one filled with corn and spinach and the other was made with smoked chicken. Both variations were quite delicious. Our final choice of savory dishes was the Vol Au Vent. This hollow puff pastry filled with creamy chicken is a must.

Salty delicacies
Salty delicacies

Tailor-made bites

After trying their scrumptious snacks, it was time for us to check out their range of desserts. Our first choice was the Danish pastry – a sweet puff pastry. It came with a cream filling and was garnished with candied orange. It had subtle flavors and was quite light on the palate. We then moved on to the Sweet Tart, slightly crispy and loaded with cream and fruit, the dessert was delicious. We also tried the Panna Cotta, a classic vanilla custard rich in flavor. Our last choice from the tasting and which also happens to be our favorite was the Mini Boston Cupcake. Small in size and topped with a delicious chocolate creme, these cupcakes are one of the most decadent candies you can eat. And, to top it off, the menu comes with a teapot. Their range includes Oolong, Jade, Earl Grey, Chamomile and Green Tea.

Dessert platter

High Tea is a relatively new concept for cafe space in Hyderabad. We enjoyed indulging in this British tradition dating back to the 1800s. The classic teas, buttery croissants and delicious cakes served in their leafy garden made it a pleasant affair.

High Tea
High Tea

Departure at 4:30 p.m. Prior reservation required. Rs. 2,000++ for two. At Jubilee Hills.

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