Fitness expert Luke Coutinho shares tips on healthy living in Amritsar : The Tribune India

Tribune press service

Amritsar, May 24

Luke Coutinho, a renowned fitness and wellness expert, shared tips with Phulkari WOA women in the city during a special session held at the Taj.

Coutinho is a household name in holistic wellness and has been a lifestyle coach for two decades. He talked about some age-old lifestyle and eating habits that seem to have been forgotten, while delving into insta-friendly shortcuts to health.

He shared that his approach to prevention and cure revolves around four important pillars: balanced diet, adequate physical activity, quality sleep, and emotional detox.

“Deteriorating lifestyles, busy schedules, compromised gut health, sleep patterns and eating habits are all affected. A positive lifestyle change means that one has implemented their plans, whether it is to improve their nutrition, lose weight or exercise,” he said. .

He suggested ways to implement positive lifestyle changes. “While he explained to us how we should soak our seeds and lentils before consuming them or making small but important changes like consuming tea without milk for best benefits, his lessons reminded the audience to do a break, to reconsider the way we consume our food,” said one participant in the session.

Phulkari President Tina Aggarwal said, “Phulkari is committed to the betterment of its members and society. Health and well-being are very important aspects of progress. We seem to have forgotten that health is wealth and due to modern lifestyles people face many health issues. Luke offered simple solutions, almost like waking us up from our sleep and creating healthier versions of ourselves. It was a rewarding session,” she said.

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