Glimpse of the Newport-inspired gourmet menu at the Mercure Hotel

Newport’s newest hotel is in its final stages before opening, and it can be revealed that the interior will have a distinct Newport feel.

That is to say in a good way, of course.

Although the hotel is operated by a global hotel company in Interstate Hotels, the Mercure hotel has made sure to build on the roots of the city.

We already knew that the decor and interior will be inspired by the chartist past of the Transporter Bridge and Newport, but the theme will extend to the menu, which we can reveal to you exclusively.

Not only the chef – Steve White, a local from Newport, but the restaurant itself was given a local name.

According to the promotional material, it should be called the NP20 Bar and Kitchen – with a rooftop terrace overlooking the hustle and bustle of Commercial Street.

A first glimpse of the menu

With the opening date now extremely close – although it has yet to be announced, figures behind the scenes at the Lower Dock Street Hotel have given the Argus an overview of the restaurant menu.

The entire menu has reportedly been finalized, but at this time, four Newport-inspired dishes can be announced.

They are:

  • The Frankie Lodge Burger – This name is in honor of a beloved Newport busker – and its fascinating story can be read here.
  • NP20 Fully Loaded Burger – Named after hotel zip code
  • The Chartist Burger – Named after the Chartist movement
  • Muddy Usk Chocolate Hazelnut Pie – named after the River Usk

Artist’s impression of the roof terrace of NP Bar and Kitchen

It’s worth noting that the hotel is keen to keep some things a secret at this time – so we don’t know what specifically can be found in the burgers.

But, it’s a safe bet that they will still be tasty.

When does the hotel open?

Le Mercure has not yet publicly announced an opening date.

But, they are currently taking reservations at NP20 Bar and Kitchen for Jubilee Afternoon Tea.

As the name suggests, these are afternoon tea bookings to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee.

They can be booked from June 2 to 5, and with this in mind, it’s a safe bet that the hotel will therefore be open at the end of May.

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