I Ordered This Bacon and Cheese Pizza and My Life Changed

Agreed. To say my life changed because of pizza might be a bit of an extreme, but when a restaurant in Maine decided to combine two of my favorite dishes into one, I couldn’t say no.

For a long time I wanted to check out Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub in Cornish, Maine. They are a big fan of ours and a big supporter of Cans For a Cure every year and all I’ve heard from them is the food is amazing.

Last weekend Michele and I drove about 30 minutes by car to Cornish and when we arrived the place was packed. We expected this, but gladly waited to get a table.

We sat down and I immediately went to the pizza section of the menu. Fairgrounds creates some of the most unique pizzas I’ve ever seen with names like Taco ‘Bout It, The Zeus, Lord of the Rings and the Mc’Daddy which you can probably tell what iconic burger it’s inspired by.

The one that caught my eye was the Mac & Cheese pizza, which is exactly what it sounds like, but in case you were wondering, the menu describes it as “Bacon, aged cheddar cheese, more cheese and seasoned breadcrumbs .Are we talking about bacon?”

It arrived straight out of the oven and it was gorgeous!

You’ll need a fork for this because there’s so much cheese it can get a little messy unless you’re really good at balancing all those goodies in your hand. But if you take your leftovers home and have some when you take it out of the fridge the next day and eat it cold, I think it’s even better and mess-free!

Next on the menu for me to try is Lord of the Rings. Crispy fried chicken, bacon, honey mustard, tomatoes and onions topped with their special blend of cheeses. My precious!

Fairgrounds Pizza and Pub is on Route 25 in Cornish. You can not miss it.

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