“I went to the Northern Tea House in Huddersfield to try the ‘best breakfast’ in town – and I’m not sure it was”

People can’t stop talking about Northern Tea House and the restaurant is quickly gaining a stellar reputation as the best place to have breakfast in Huddersfield.

So naturally I had to put that to the test. TripAdvisor ranks the tea room, which first opened in 2015, as the best in Huddersfield (out of 26 similar businesses) with 212 ‘excellent’ reviews giving it a score of four and a half stars. of the five.

Guests have loved its breakfast offering, but even more so its brunch, with some saying the food on offer surpasses anything you can find in Manchester.

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The King Street Tea Room was quiet when I visited on Thursday morning and was quickly shown to my place. The vibe of the place is relaxed and the impressive decor makes it immediately apparent that this is no ordinary cafe.

I pretended to look at the menu, but I only came here for one thing: breakfast. I was however surprised to see that there is only one ‘full’ breakfast option. The Northern Breakfast includes seasoned cubed potatoes, vine-ripened tomatoes, baked beans, mushrooms, Cumberland sausage, a (yes, a) slice of bacon, and a poached egg.

The dish is served in a hot pan with sourdough toast and butter and costs £7.50. I also ordered a coffee and a bottle of water. My total bill is £14.

Northern Tea House on King Street in Huddersfield town center

My coffee arrived first and it was delicious. It was clear that this is something Northern Tea House is proud of as the presentation and taste were both top notch. But I didn’t have too much time to enjoy my latte as the food wasn’t far behind.

I was certainly impressed with the look of the meal. Each ingredient was given its own portion of the skillet, with the generous portion of beans taking up half of it. The sourdough toast was perfect for dipping and I rushed in.

But my enthusiasm didn’t go much further. The mountain of beans masked what would otherwise have been a slightly empty plate and some people would no doubt be disappointed to only receive a slice of bacon and a sausage for breakfast.

The potatoes were delicious and seasoned to perfection, but do they go with a breakfast? I’m not so sure. My initial surprise at only being given a single slice of bacon turned into relief as it was exceptionally hard making it hard to chew.

Other than the hard bacon, every other aspect of the meal was tasty and I couldn’t complain anymore. The tea room was getting busier as 11 a.m. approached – or brunch rush hour – which many claimed was when the restaurant really comes into its own.

Overall I enjoyed my breakfast and would definitely return to Northern Tea House, perhaps for brunch, as there are a plethora of options to choose from. But, sadly, I didn’t leave thinking I had just enjoyed the best breakfast in Huddersfield.

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