Is Taco Bell ditching yet another beloved menu item?

Yum Brands (YUM) – Get yum! Report Brands Inc. Cherished Taco Bell lately isn’t having the best time trying to keep its customers happy.

After shutting down Mexican pizza in 2020 and claiming the reason was wasteful packaging, the chain made a big show of bringing it back in 2022.

He even went so far as to hire Doja Cat to promote him and write an entire TikTok musical dedicated to him, promoting the event weeks before the meal was available on menus again.

Strangely, after all the fanfare over 2020 garbage disposal, the packaging was unchanged when the Mexican pizza returned. TheStreet contacted Taco Bell for comment on the matter and did not receive a response.

But as TheStreet reported in late May, Taco Bell made the decision to retire Mexican pizza just weeks after its illustrious return to the food scene, first cancel the musical via Twitterthen finally making an official announcement on May 31.

Customers were less than thrilled with the announcement, with many wondering why the ingredients were to blame when the only unique one was the shell of the Mexican pizza.

Meanwhile, Taco Bell happily moved forward as if nothing had happened, showing off its new Brisk Dragon Paradise fizzy iced tea and its new Taco Bell Defy concept restaurant in Brooklyn Park, Minn.

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Although he tries to keep his customers dazzled, however, he is quietly rolling out plans to retire another classic menu item for good.

What menu item Taco Bell leaves now?

It’s sad to say that after 10 years on the menu, the Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze is on its way out.

After several past attempts to order it and being told it was unavailable or the machine was down, on June 8, an employee at my local Taco Bell in Smyrna, Georgia, confirmed that the drink classic ice cream would not return. .

“It’s being phased out,” he said, “but a frozen mango flavor will replace it.”

It could be a frozen version of the chain’s Brisk Mango Fiesta, which can currently be ordered from the menu as a regular drink but is not currently offered in a frozen version.

Members of the Taco Bell Sub on Reddit also mentioned that the drink seemed to be disappearing from their local menus.

Depending on location, the Baja Blast Freeze can still be found on Taco Bell’s website and app and can be ordered. But that seems to be temporary until stores run out.

A public relations representative for Taco Bell responded to TheStreet’s inquiry and said the Frozen Baja Blast was not on hiatus.

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