Life in Nottinghamshire village where it’s ‘impossible’ to buy houses due to demand

People living and working in one of Nottinghamshire’s most ‘picturesque’ villages said it was impossible to buy a house there and could not speak more positively of where they lived. According to, an online and telephone hotel booking website, Papplewick is one of the prettiest villages in the county.

The website says it is so highly rated because of its charm, the Victorian Aqueduct (Papplewick Pumping Station), Papplewick Hall and its array of flowers through the village. And locals say it’s so beautiful there that it’s impossible to settle in the village.

Looking on the sites of online estate agents, Rightmove and Zoopla confirm this, as there is only one property for sale in Papplewick at the time of writing, on Moor Lane entering the village. One of the managers of the Griffins Head pub on Moor Road explains why she thinks this is the case.

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Heather Roskell, 33, said: “The only time you would really see houses for sale here is if people are downsizing. It’s very difficult to buy and come back to the village if you want to, and it’s very expensive too.

“With Newstead Abbey being so close, people park up, come back from there and have a well deserved pint here. There is so much walking here and there is also a very tight-knit community, everyone knows each other. “

Robin Rhodes, 56, chairman of Papplewick & Cricket Club, agrees it is difficult to settle in the area. He lives on the A60 Mansfield Road, which is still listed as part of Papplewick.

Papplewick is one of the most picturesque villages in the county, according to

He said: “It’s a very exclusive area, houses don’t come here often and when they come they leave very quickly. It’s a testament to the beauty of the place. It’s just a beautiful place where to live, it’s so beautiful and pretty.

“It’s only about 11km from town but I feel like it could be 70. I’ve been involved in club cricket for over 40 years since I started playing at the 13 years old, and our little part is adorable..

“If you know the club it’s a nice little secret, we are very proud of it. We try to give opportunities to as many people as possible here, we had 115 children playing on Friday May 13th night here as in the as part of an ECB initiative.”

Amanda Sherwin, 55, has just one complaint about life in Papplewick
Amanda Sherwin, 55, has just one complaint about life in Papplewick

A tearoom owner in the village has only one complaint about Papplewick – and that’s the traffic on the area’s roads.

Amanda Sherwin, 55, owner of Morton’s Farm tea rooms on Main Street, said: “I’ve lived here for 25 years and it’s a pretty little village. The roads are far too busy as the main road can be used a bit of a rat race.

“But the kids growing up here have always been at the heart of the community, and we’ve never had any problems, everyone has always been lovely. It’s very pretty here too with lots of Grade II listed buildings, c It’s a comfortable life here too.

“It’s so nice to be able to say hello to people. People have visited us here from Australia and South Africa, and people have also come from Devon.”

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