Local Entrepreneur and Mom is Now a Master Rummelier and CEO of 7th Sky Ventures – Natural Home Fragrances

Ma Isabella Rosal is the CEO of 7th Sky Ventures. Recently, she is also certified Master Rummelier, which is the best professional designation in the rum industry.

Ma Isabella Rosal, or “Bea” as her friends and Riverview residents call her, is a powerful woman. Rosel is a mother of two, Navy wife, proud Filipina and CEO of 7th Sky Ventures. Recently, she has also been certified Master Rummelier, which is the main professional designation in the rum industry.

Prior to starting 7th Sky Ventures, Rosal owned and operated TBD@301, a tea cafe in Brandon.

“I was fortunate to have the support of our local community early on, especially the Riverview Chamber of Commerce, and made sure we gave back,” Rosal said.

7th Sky is a sustainability-focused company and all of its products are healthy and simple.

“We offer home fragrances, candles, soap, natural Florida wine and sustainable craft rum,” Rosal said. “Our home fragrance sprays are made with the highest quality food grade essential oils and alcohol. It’s a healthier, happier alternative to commercial chemical air fresheners.

According to Rosal, the alcoholic base of the spray is a redistillation of waste left over from rum production, and the scent components are derived from organic essential oils. The packaging is BPA-free and highly recyclable (PET 1).

The craft rum portfolio is guided by centuries-old Filipino traditions produced here in Florida using some of the finest sugar cane in the world.

“Born and raised on a rum estate and sugar cane farm in northern Luzon in the Philippines, I was surrounded by all things rum from an early age,” Rosal said. “My mother, Chuchi Honrado, spent most of her professional life working as a chemist in this rum field and later as an advisor to major rum producers and distilleries in the Philippines. In 2021, just after having my second child, the desire for a new entrepreneurial adventure never dissipated. So I sold my tea business and founded 7th Sky Ventures.

Rum making has had a reputation as a male-dominated field since the 1400s.

“I am the first woman to achieve Master Rummelier status,” Rosal said. “So many talented women work in the industry as traders or distillery owners or technical advisers like my mother, but we never talk about them. Being a Rummelier woman is empowering and stimulating at the same time. My mission is to break down prejudice and shed light on women in rum culture.

For more information, visit www.7thskyventures.com.

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