Master Microsoft Office with this online course

Microsoft Office has proven to be an invaluable tool for employees, students, and regular computer users. The program’s extensive software suite has something for everyone. Excel is a leading program for charts and graphs. PowerPoint is a must for school meetings or presentations. Millions of students have used Word to write term papers and essays.

Although Microsoft Office has been beneficial to a myriad of people, mastering its software is not always easy. eLearnOffice Microsoft Office Online Training helps you master each program so you can get the most out of it. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription to this program is available for just $29. That’s a savings of 85% off its MSRP.

Through the use of short videos and exclusive quizzes, eLearnOffice works like a master class for Microsoft Word. More than half a million people worldwide have benefited from this program.

More than 1,200 Microsoft-approved lessons are offered through the program. You can test your knowledge as you go with tests and quizzes. Courses and quizzes are updated to ensure you’re learning the most relevant material.

Watch this video.

You can also link your Microsoft Skills Score dashboard to your resume to show potential employers how proficient you are with Office software. Once you complete the course, you will receive a Microsoft-approved certificate.

“Very helpful, the instructions are super simple and the layout is step by step… well done and 5 star rating from me!!!” writes Shawn, a network assistant from the United States.

Courses are taught by professors from the International Academy of Computer Training. IACT’s customers include Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Intel, Dell, GE, among others.

Being proficient in Microsoft Office will not only benefit you greatly in work and school, but it can also pay dividends – literally – with your career. Buy this course online today and improve your Microsoft Word proficiency.

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