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NEDERLANDS – Kung Fu Tea offers so many different styles and flavors that customers might be overwhelmed by the amount of choice, but manager Bailey Tran said the drinking spot has something for everyone.

Kung Fu Tea has been in business for over two years, located at 2828 FM 365.

“We specialize in bubble tea,” Tran said. “You can add different toppings to them. Many of the flavors are Asian-inspired and stem from Taiwanese heritage, but we also have more Americanized flavors. A lot of people come in and are shocked because we have so much to offer.

Tran said the location offers non-caffeinated beverages as well as beverages with added caffeine for needed pickup.

Kung Fu Tea will soon roll out new summer flavors. (Chris Moore/The News)

“Our best seller and what we are known for is our Kung Fu Milk Tea,” she said. “A lot of people add bubbles and tapioca. Bubble tea is any drink you get, you can add it. It is an option. It’s a matter of texture. There are tapioca pearls dipped in honey and sugar. Some people don’t like the texture and some people do.

In addition to various drink flavors, the spot offers different snack options.

“We have treats,” she said. “We have macaron cookies. We have some of our own sweets. We have flavored popcorn and things like that. For the most part, it’s all about the drinks.

Kung Fu Tea is located at 2828 FM 365. (Chris Moore/The News)

Although Tran said there are no immediate plans to expand the menu, due to the success of the drinks, Kung Fu Tea will be rolling out summer flavors soon.

“We still have a lot of new customers,” she said. “We just do what we know and keep it consistent. We have a Hershey’s series that has been very popular. It’s s’mores and stuff like that. We’re actually exhausted right now because it’s so popular.

Despite the variety that surrounds him on a daily basis, Tran likes his drinks relatively simple.

“I like milk tea,” she says. “That’s what I usually get. If I want something refreshing, I appreciate every shot. That’s all of our fruit drinks and teas. That’s what I’m looking for.

The store also has an app, where customers can earn points and qualify for special offers. Customers can also pre-order drinks from the app and order delivery through the app.

For more information, call 409-519-8044 or visit kungfutea.com/app/.

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