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KOPPAL: For more than 22 years, he has strived to make his students good citizens capable of shining in their careers. Under his leadership, the private school he worked at became known for its high standards. His efforts earned him the “Best Teacher” award from the students’ parents. But today, S Venugopal runs a tea stall to support her family. Former headmaster of Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy Residential School in Kurnool lost his job due to the pandemic, and believing in the dignity of work, he kept his head held high and started a tea stall by National Road 44 near of Krishna Nagar in the town of Kurnool.

Venugopal started teaching in 1994. His first stint as a teacher was at Pendekanti Public School, a famous institute in Bethamcherla. He then taught in other schools in the city of Nandyal and Velugodu, before joining the Cattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy boarding school in 1998 as a biology teacher. He became the principal and served until May of that year.

Under pressure from the school administration to work for less pay and ask his staff to do the same, while striving to get more children admitted to school, he quit his job. When he resigned in May, he received only half his salary, ie 30,000 rupees. For the next two months, he was in shock, unsure how to support his wife and four children.

“At that time, my wife suggested I start a kirana shop or a medical shop, but since it would require a big investment, which I couldn’t afford, I decided to start a tea stall,” he told TNIE. Venugopal borrowed `1 lakh from his friends and opened the tea stall in the first week of August. “From ‘schoolmaster’ I became ‘tea master’, and I am now earning Rs 500-Rs 600 a day,” he said.

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