Prop Master “Pachinko” Recounts How He Recreated the 1938 Japanese Market

The first season of “Pachinko” is streaming now on Apple TV+, but let’s dive behind the scenes first.

In a Twitter post today, Ellen Freund, the series’ Prop Master, explained how the team recreated the Japanese market where Sunja starts her kimchi business. Freund said they feature many vendors including herbal carts, lanterns and tea to recreate an authentic market in Osaka in 1938.

The series “is an expansive saga that chronicles the hopes and dreams of a Korean immigrant family spanning four generations.”

Epic in scope and intimate in tone, the story begins with forbidden love and crescendos in a vast saga that travels between Korea, Japan and America to tell an unforgettable tale of war and peace, love and of loss, triumph and judgment.

The series stars Soji Arai as Mozasu, Jin Ha as Solomon, Inji Jeong as Yangjin, Minha Kim as teenage Sunja, Lee Minho as Hansu, Kaho Minami as Etsuko, Steve Sanghyun Noh as Isak, Anna Sawai as Naomi, Junwoo Han as Yoseb, Jung Eun-chae as young Kyunghee, Jimmi Simpson as Tom Andrews, Yu-na Jeon as young Sunja, and Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung as older Sunja.

If you haven’t seen the official trailer for the series, watch it below:

“Pachinko” is streaming now on Apple TV+. If you want to enjoy the series in the best possible quality, check out our Apple TV 4K review and our list of the best TVs for Apple TV 2022.

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