Protest across Tamil Nadu condemning the arrest of Kollywood stunt master Kanal Kannan

Hindu Munnani leaders and cadres staged protests across Tamil Nadu on August 16 condemning the arrest of screen stunt master Kanal Kannan.

Yet another clear case of biased action of the Dravidian model championed by the DMK government. TN police dutifully obeyed his master’s dictate by filing a complaint against Kollywood stunt master Kanal Kannan and arresting him on August 15 in Pondicherry. Even the trial court denied him early bail last week.

Kanal Kannan was addressing a public meeting organized by Hindu Munnani in Chennai, the end of a 34-day yatra the organization had undertaken. Kannan, State Chairman of the Arts and Literary Wing of the Hindu Munnani, said: “Being a Hindu is a matter of pride. Previously, countries were conquered by sword and war. Today they are capturing nations through religious conversion. Thousands of Hindu devotees pray daily at Srirangam Ranganathar Temple. Opposite the main entrance to the temple there is a statue of a person (referring to EV Ramaswamy Naicker) who said “there is no God”. The day when this statue is broken is the day of Hindu resurgence”.

Kanal Kannan is a well-known stunt master who has choreographed action sequences for various hit movies. His speech with the fiery words of “Tear down the Periyar statue in Srirangam” went viral on social media and created an uproar in Tamil Nadu. A complaint has been lodged at the Chennai Police Commissioner’s Office on behalf of Thanthai Periyar Dravida Kazhagam.

Demanding his release, Hindu Munnani staged protests in more than 70 locations across the state. The police arrested some of them and some were released in the evening. In Chennai, Hindu outfit state organizer Bakthan, state spokesperson AT Elangovan, Karu Nagarajan, BJP’s Narayan Tirupathi and others took part in the protest. Police who had refused permission saying the protest site was a Muslim-dominated area. Munnani leaders countered by saying that Valluvar Kottam, which is a Hindu-dominated protest zone, should not be allowed to be used for protest by minorities and left-wing Dravidian parties. They asked the police to give this in writing. After much shouting, they were allowed to continue with the protest, but all were arrested and charges were brought against them despite protesting peacefully.

In Tirupur, in front of the Office of the Corporation, more than 500 members of the outfit took part in the demonstration. They condemned the arrest and shouted slogans against the state government. Speaking to reporters, Hindu state president Munnani, Kadeswara Subramaniam said the situation in Tamil Nadu was worse than the emergency period. He also added that the Hindu Munnani agreed with Kannan’s comments.

In Ayakudi town of Tenkasi district, Secretary Boodathan attempted suicide by consuming poison, condemning the police for only arresting Hindu Munnani cadres and not others. He is said to be in critical condition.

In Sankarankovil, it is said, a police inspector bit the ear of the Velumurgan cadre. “The police brutally attacked the gathered men, who were drinking tea in a shop, before they even started their demonstration. Police twisted the arm of Puliyangudi City Chairman Ganesh Mary, resulting in a broken bone. Sankarankovil town chief SM Sankar became breathless after police attacked him from the back. The police refused to take them to the hospital for treatment. We condemn the authoritarianism of the police,” says Hindu Munnani’s Brahamanayagam. As the police behaved rudely in Virudhunagar, Thoothkudi, Kanyakumari, Tirunelveli districts, all the arrested cadres continued to protest.

Many have denounced the hypocrisy of the DMK government led by MK Stalin, pointing out that no action was taken against U2 Brutus “Minor” who abused the Hindu god Lord Shiva. When Hindus protested against the installation of the statue of atheist EV Ramasamy in front of the famous Srirangam temple in 2006, Karunanidhi asked: “When temple towers have naked sculptures and when naked gods and goddesses are kept inside temples, what’s wrong with having a well? -dressed EVR in front of the temple?”. He also said that it would be a good day when the temples of Thillai Natarajar and Srirangam Ranganather were blown up and interrogated in which Lord Ram College of Engineering studied.

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