“She was full of life and outgoing”

The daughter of Carmen Sapiano – the 75-year-old who died after being run over by her car earlier this month – described her mother as ‘vivacious, outgoing and full of life’.

Carmen Sapiano was killed after being pinned under her Toyota Aygo car which rolled past her house in Sliema on April 3.

“He was a lively, energetic and outgoing person and his death left a void in the family and shocked his friends greatly,” his daughter Piera Degiorgio told The Times of Malta.

Sapiano, the only daughter among eight siblings, was born and raised on St Publius Street, the same street where her family set up the then popular Sapiano Bakery and Confectionery.

On the day of the accident, Sapiano was returning from his usual Sunday outing in Marsaxlokk with his friend. The first member of the family to know of the accident was one of his brothers, Charles, who immediately called the family.

“That day we went to the Pope’s Mass and had lunch in Valletta,” Piera said.

“The moment we got home and sat down on the couch was when we got the phone call.

“As we were driving towards Sliema I was very agitated as they had just told me she had had an accident but deep down inside I knew something terrible had happened and when I arrived and I saw the police cars and the fire engines, I was in total shock.”

The funeral took place on April 7, but investigations into the incident are still ongoing.

A CCTV camera had recorded the entire event, showing Sapiano leaving and getting out of his car.

Piera recalls her mother not acting at her age, being constantly “on the move and non-stop”. She made sure to attend all of her doctor’s appointments and other than her knee which was causing her problems, she was in good health.

“What struck me was that when we came out of the church after the funeral, I was surrounded by 10 elderly women, all of whom knew my mother,” she said.

“They all started telling me stories about how they knew my mum, one told me how she was with her in Marsaxlokk on the day of the accident, another how she planned to take the little one lunch with her, and another was going to line dance with her.”

“His life was busy, non-stop and outgoing,” she said.

During the pandemic, she quickly mastered Zoom calls and would be in touch every day.

“She even joined exercise classes on Zoom and on Facebook,” she said, recalling how tech-savvy her mother was for her age.

She said her mother was very fond of cooking and wanted to create a “scrapbook” of all her recipes.

“Recently she made a puddina with oats, which we devoured apart from a small piece, which I froze, never to be eaten, because it was the last thing she did for us. .”

Piera said her mum also loves puns and will be working on the Times of Malta crossword puzzle.

In 2005, Sapiano took part in a Times of Malta pun contest and won a trip to the French Riviera.

“She came to visit us every Thursday and I kept a copy of the Sunday Times for her. By the time she arrived we were making a cup of tea and looking for the paper to fill the whole page. My kids would sit next to her and drink fresh orange juice that I made for them,” she said.

“I’m going to continue this tradition, just this once, after making the fresh orange juice, I’ll be the one to sit down and find time to complete the crossword section in the journal.

“A little way to keep your memory and your routine alive.”

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