Six By Nico brings back the Chippy tea menu

It will be called “The Chippie 2.0”.

Re-opening on July 13 in style, Six By Nico will bring back its much-loved chippy-style menu, which won the hearts of Mancs when it first reopened in 2019.

The concept dining experience, the brainchild of Scottish-Italian chef Nico Simeone, will bring back its evolving menu of dishes from next Monday – which fans have been able to enjoy on the go during lockdown.

Credit: Six By Nico

Reimagining the classic British tea party, the creative new menu will put a good old spin on the hearty dinner with beautifully presented plates such as Chips & Cheese, Scrabster Monkfish, Steak Pie, Fish Supper and even a fried Mars bar. Naturally, in true Six By Nico style – none of these dishes will be typical of what you’d expect from your local chippy, each created with a delicate hand so you can really enjoy the flavours, rather than scoff at everything from a Suddenly it’s Corrie.

Credit: Six By Nico

Chef Nico Simeone said; “The Chippie was originally designed to bring a sense of fun and nostalgia, and when we spoke to our team and the Six by Nico community about the menu we wanted to reopen with, it was clear we wanted to bring back these feelings.

“The Chippie was a hugely popular menu in all of our restaurants the first time around, and so not only does this mean our existing customers get to experience a new version, it gives us the chance to share it with even more people. second time around”.

Six By Nico restaurants across the country – including Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Belfast and Edinburgh – will reopen at limited capacity, with the “Chippie 2.0” menu available from July 15 to September 6.

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