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Kolhapur: Life has changed for good for Kavita Pawar, a 30-year-old woman from Mulegaon Tanda, a rural hamlet of Solapur.
From an early age, she didn’t want to be part of the illicit liquor brewing business she was pushed into, but couldn’t find a way out. Now, with the help of the police, she and 40 other women from the same hamlet are about to start their own clothing business.
The change started after Solapur Police Rural Superintendent Tejaswi Satpute launched ‘Operation Parivartan’ for these women.
“Madame SP raided our illicit alcohol site several times. She advised us each time and asked us to stop making illicit alcohol. even supplied the machines. Now we are waiting to receive the orders,” Pawar said.
Pawar said they hope to get orders to make clothes from top companies and earn a decent income. “It will help us forget what we were doing earlier,” she said.
Law enforcement officials said there were as many as 102 villages in Solapur known for illicit alcohol manufacturing for several decades. Every family member in these villages is engaged in the illicit manufacture of alcohol. Their unit helped them keep the illegal trade afloat, officials said.
However, Satpute, since last year, decided to crack down on the company. She raided each den repeatedly and summoned non-releasable sections.
Satpute, who took on the responsibility of rehabilitating Mulegaon Tanda, said, “We found that most of the professionals, especially the young men and women, were eager to get out and start their lives over. But they couldn’t find a way. We imparted sewing skills to 41 women. They will make clothes and upgrade themselves regularly in order to stay in the tailoring business.
She added that they also held on-campus interviews, up to 98 young men were placed in companies based on their talent. In addition, funds have been made available for seniors to start their own business, whether it is a clothing store or a tea stall.
Satpute said that so far 247 families involved in the illicit alcohol trade have been rehabilitated.

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