“Tea master” Edgar Obare arrested for attempting to extort 10 million shillings from prominent governor

Police arrest controversial gossip blogger Edgar Obare on charges of running a criminal ring.

He is accused of being behind a fraud syndicate that blackmails wealthy Kenyans by altering their images online and demanding money to “erase” their names.

Obare, aka Tea Master, was arrested by detectives from the Cybercrime Unit of the Criminal Investigations Directorate (DCI) alongside his co-accused Desy Oduor Achieng.

“Cybercrime detectives have uncovered an underground network of criminals involving young women recruited by Obare to hunt down prominent figures in political, business and religious circles for the purpose of monetary exploitation. The ladies are then trained by Obare, on how to trap the victims in their traps and then extort unimaginable sums of money from them, ”DCI said in a statement.

It is alleged that Obare recruited Desy and trained her on how to hunt down a prominent governor with the intention of extorting 10 million shillings from him.

He allegedly shared the governor’s phone number with Desy and asked her to pretend she was pregnant with his child.

“When the governor did not respond, she was ordered to threaten him to share photos they allegedly took in compromising situations, but the governor did not respond,” the DCI added.

Obare then turned to social networks, accusing the said governor of having impregnated a woman and of failing to shoulder his responsibilities.

“Fearing the repercussions of Edgar’s actions, she reported the matter to DCI’s offices in Nyali. Detectives have since established that the lady is not pregnant as she claimed, ”noted DCI.

Both will be charged with publishing false information contrary to Article 23 of the Computer Misuse and Cybercrime Act.

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