The 1st female master ‘Rummelier’ is a woman from Tampa, among 12 in the world

TAMPA, Florida — The Royal Rum Society awarded the Certified Master Rummelier designation to Isabella Rosal of Tampa, the first woman to receive this honor and one of only 33 certified rum makers in the United States.

At 32, she is also the youngest to achieve Certified Rummelier status, the highest professional designation in the rum industry.

Certification is presented to demonstrate the highest level of skill in rum distillation by completing 16 course modules on rum production methods, history, tasting, elucidation and variety, visiting at least 10 distilleries and tasting a minimum of 200 distinct rums using the Royal Rum Society. taste rating system.

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The non-profit, independent Royal Rum Society is committed to giving back to the communities where rum is produced through its Spirit of Cane philanthropic program.

Born and raised on a rum estate in Northern Luzon in the Philippines, Rosal, Partner and CEO of 7th Sky Ventures in Tampa, works with Florida distilleries to create unique single-barrel rums for its customers.

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With her newly earned qualification, Isabella is preparing to launch membership in the Tampa Chapter of the Florida Rum Society, a professional community dedicated to sharing and advancing knowledge about rum making.

“Born and raised on a rum estate and sugarcane farm in northern Luzon in the Philippines, I was surrounded by all things rum from a young age,” Rosal said.

Although she may be the first woman to be certified by the Royal Rum Society, Rosal told Patch she was far from the first to be involved in the rum-making industry.

“My mother, Chuchi Honrado, spent most of her professional life working as a chemist in this northern Luzon rum estate, and then as an advisor to major rum producers and distilleries in the Philippines,” he said. she stated. “So many talented women work in the industry as traders or distillery owners or technical advisors like my mother, but we never talk about them.”

Rosal said she intended to change that.

“Being a Rummelier woman is empowering and challenging at the same time,” she said. “My mission is to break down prejudice and shine a light on women in rum culture.”

The first product that reflects Rosal’s expertise and passion as Master Rummelier will be the limited edition Battleship 57 rum produced by Gamblers Bay Distillery in Tampa, which will be available for purchase this summer.

Rosal was only 10 when she started her first business selling candy to her classmates from the back of her skateboard.

After moving to the United States and after a short stint at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Rosal founded To be determined, an award-winning tea cafe and wholesale business in Riverview before founding 7th Sky Ventures LLC with his family.

A Navy wife and mother of two, Rosal holds a degree in Financial Engineering from De La Salle University in Manila, Philippines, and a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Sciences from the University of Santo Thomas.

She describes herself as both an activist for the economic empowerment of women and youth as well as an advocate for the environment and sustainability.

For the TBD Cafe, she collaborated with researchers at the University of South Florida on a study to assess the effects of anaerobic digestion of food waste using tea leaves.

Researchers compared anaerobic digestion of food waste alone or mixed with tea leaves and found that adding tea leaves resulted in significantly higher production of valuable biomethane gas. the project widely recognized by environmental science experts.

“This important discovery has shed light on the role the tea industry can play globally in meeting recycling targets by enhancing bioenergy production,” she said.

She continues this commitment to sustainability at 7th Sky Ventures.

On average, a 750 milliliter bottle of rum produces 6.5 pounds of carbon dioxide, she said.

At 7th Sky Ventures, she found a way to use this byproduct by turning spent distillation ingredients into natural home fragrances, such as room and linen sprays, available through the 7th Sky retail site.

The alcoholic base of the spray is a redistillation of waste from rum production, and the fragrance components are derived from organic essential oils. The packaging is 100% recyclable, making the product a natural and healthy alternative to commercial air fresheners, Rosal said.

As a licensed importer and exporter, the company brings innovative products to Tampa Bay and promotes unique Florida products overseas.

7th Sky Ventures also backs other entrepreneurs, representing a variety of innovative private label products including natural home fragrances, candles and soap.

In her spare time, Rosal is one of the founders of the PEP Talk Program (now called the Jose Lorenzo Honrado Scholarship Program) in the Philippines and a Certified Health and Safety Specialist with the American Red Cross. .

She is also a frequent guest speaker at the University of South Florida and a mentor for students and young entrepreneurs.

7th Sky Ventures
Isabel Rosal said she was following in her mother’s footsteps. His mother, Chuchi Honrado, spent most of her professional life working as a chemist on a rum estate in North Luzon in the Philippines and later as an advisor to major rum producers and distilleries in the Philippines.

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