The tastiest dishes from the secret Waffle House menu

You can put a lot of things on toast; putting avocado, butter, jams, granola, and even nuts on toast makes for a hearty, hearty breakfast. Waffle House offers many types of bread (and toast), including white bread, wheat bread, Texas Toast, and even raisin bread. Waffle House Raisin Bread is incredibly delicious, and it’s used in this secret menu: it’s not really toast, it’s more of a sandwich made with raisin toast. But it’s just as good, and best of all, it’s a hearty and complete breakfast.

If you want a meal that goes beyond a regular toast or even a regular sandwich, you can get the Egg & Cheese Sausage Sandwich on Grilled Raisin Toast, which has exactly what the name suggests. You can find videos on Instagram showing how this custom sandwich is made: the eggs and sausage are cooked to perfection, and the toast is slathered with a generous amount of butter.

This sandwich is a wonderful and unique way to have your breakfast, brunch, or even dinner, and it’s packed with everything you could want. If not, you can ask for more extras, like bacon, so we strongly suggest ordering it the next time you’re at Waffle House.

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