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VICTORIAN Premier Daniel Andrews cannot say why a blueprint for the future of border hospital services has not been made public. The Labor Party leader was answering a question from Benambra MP Bill Tilley during Parliamentary Question Time this week. The Liberal MP asked why the government is ‘refusing to provide the Albury Wodonga Health board and border communities with the master plan for the new health facility, including a new emergency department’. “I don’t know,” replied Mr. Andrews. “I will have to talk to the Minister of Health about it.” Last week, the office of Health Minister Martin Foley declined to answer a Border Mail question on when or if the plan would be made public. Mr Andrews, continuing to respond to Mr Tilley, said he would be willing to meet with him to discuss hospitals on the border. “If the MP for Benambra wants to have a cup of tea with me to talk about the hospital, I’m more than happy to buy some time – or something stronger, depending – and we’ll see what we can do” , said Mr. Tilley. “That will be your cry, though. “We’ll see what we can do. “I know and understand this community. It’s a proud community. “Just because you’re so far from Melbourne doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything other than excellence. “That has always been my view and that has always been what we have strived for, and we will do the same here at Albury Wodonga Health.” Mr Tilley, in a Thursday morning interview with 2AY radio breakfast show hosts Kev Poulton and Kylie King, who are also the mayors of Wodonga and Albury, said he wanted to meet the Prime Minister , whether with Iced VoVos, a cup of tea or a glass of whiskey. Cr King also asked if she and Cr Poulton could join Mr Tilley in meeting Mr Andrews. Mr Tilley also asked Mr Andrews why the Victorian Government ‘refused to build’ a new emergency department at Albury Hospital after the NSW Government provided $30million. The former health minister responded by recalling NSW’s reaction to the formation of a joint health service and did not say when the new emergency service might emerge. “I remember well when I had the privilege and honor of playing a different role in a different government by having conversations with the NSW government,” Mr Andrews said. “I said, ‘We need to do better for border communities. Instead of having a hospital in Wodonga and a hospital in Albury, why don’t we merge the two? “. “You have no idea of ​​the resistance that opposed me. IN OTHER NEWS “For some reason the southern part of NSW is not part of NSW.” They were very resistant to that. “So you know what I did. I said, ‘Well, okay, okay. Let’s move them, and Victoria will run it, even if it’s in New South Wales.” “So I’m terribly sorry, but if the MP for Benambra is expecting me to sit here and be lectured about the fact that we haven’t taken care of the border communities and we haven’t taken care of the formation of the only health service where a state manages the assets.” Mr Andrews went on to note that his own family had benefited regional cancer services in Albury.”The nurses, the doctors, the team at Albury Wodonga Health are doing an amazing job,” said Andrews. “The only argument we have is when the member for Benambra tries to assert that our government did not support this health service. . “We actually created this health service, and we will support this health service and its staff and the patients who come to it every day. We are honored and privileged to govern this state, not just because it is in the community where I grew up although it is not unimportant to me, but because every patient deserves the care that is most important to them as quickly as possible and as close to home as possible. Mr. Tilley said his party leader Matthew Guy and health spokeswoman Georgie Crozier will travel to the Twin Cities on April 22 for a public health forum. “We need to hear the stories of all these people who have been affected, we need to hear the stories of clinicians with their frustrations and capture those case studies,” Tilley told 2AY. Our reporters work hard to bring local, up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can z continue to access our trusted content:


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