What are the coffee and food options on the spring menu at Dunkin Donuts?



As the weather warms up across the country, coffee and tea drinkers are ready to put aside their heavier drinks and opt for lighter options.

Although some customers still opt for the sugar bomb of a good Frappuccino over a low-calorie drink, many of them are already thinking about what they’ll look like in their bathing suits.

Fast-food chains have answered the call of these nature-pollinated days. Panera recently launched Charged Lemonades with its Unlimited Sip Club, encouraging regulars to drink exorbitant amounts of caffeine more often.

And while Starbucks has yet to announce any big updates to its “no coffee” category, its Refreshers line has been one of the season’s top picks for many years.

Dunkin’ has to jump on the horse to stay competitive, naturally. But he’s also savvy enough to know that his customers probably want options that are both gourmet and calorie-conscious.

So his new collection cleverly showcases some of both, taking into account the bright fruit flavors as well as some of the intense one-cup dessert coffees he’s famous for.

What’s new on the Dunkin’ menu?

There are a total of six new options on Dunkin’ spring menu, with four new drink choices and two new meals.

Dunkin’ isn’t even afraid to call its non-coffee drinks Refreshers to wave to the Starbucks customer, which is a pretty fearless move. For spring, it presents a Mango Pineapple version, which you can choose to combine with coconut milk, lemonade or green tea. DD Perks members can try a stand for free.

If you think that sounds good and you really need coffee to function, two new iced coffee flavors and a latte flavor are available for you. The Cake Batter Signature Latte is an espresso combined with a cake batter flavor and topped with whipped cream, a drizzle of mocha and rainbow sprinkles, essentially giving you dessert on the go.

The first of the iced coffee options is Butter Pecan, which is making a return to the menu due to customer demand. You can also have Dunkin’ add the flavor to hot coffee and iced drinks if you really like it. The second is Sunrise Batch, which is a medium roast coffee with hints of cocoa and toasted nuts.

For dietary additions, Dunkin’ went with an unusual new choice: Cornbread. You can get the flavor in regular donuts and donut hole sizes, so if you love that comfort food, this one’s for you.

Finally, Dunkin’ has a Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese on the menu, which has nut-free pesto, a thoughtful twist for those with nut allergies. It is served on sourdough bread with white cheddar.

Is Starbucks losing customers to Dunkin’?

Since its 2020 acquisition by Inspire Brands, Dunkin’s company has taken a more aggressive stance to engage the millennial customer.

While Starbucks still rakes in far more revenue than Dunkin’, the latter took a big leap in 2016 from millions to billions. It has remained there ever since.

Starbucks earned $29.6 billion in 2021, a 23.57% increase over the previous year, so it’s clear the chain still has what it takes to keep its customer base growing.

Dunkin’ made $1.25 billion in the same year, which obviously gives him quite a gap to jump. But it also announced in 2020 that it planned to invest $60 million in the “NextGen” expansion, which included upgrading all of its brewing equipment and revamping the general appearance of all venues. in favor of a cleaner, modern look.

So while Dunkin’ may not steal Starbucks customers entirely, it seems more likely than ever that some fans of the drive-thru coffee options are turning to both.

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