Young Master Brewery launches new line of highballs inspired by Asian flavors

One of Hong Kong’s most popular craft breweries, Young Master Brewer, has launched a new product line that expands outside of its original line of craft beers. The new release, HigherThan, features three highball-style ready-to-drink cocktails incorporated with classic Asian flavors that are just as fun, relaxed and free-spirited as the Young Master brand identity.

Photo: Courtesy of Young Master

Iron Goddess Tea Whiskey Highball is the brewery’s version of the beloved Chinese tea and whiskey combination. Blending Royal Grade Iron Goddess Tea with Scottish Highland Whiskey, this timeless combo creates a flavor profile full of deep, earthy notes and has a floral, aromatic scent.

Young Master's Higherthan Collection Salted Lime Highball
Photo: Courtesy of Young Master

Inspired by salty lime soda, a typical Hong Kong cha chaan teng drink, the Salted Lime Highball takes salted limes and combines them with cane sugar and organic vodka. Together, this crushable highball has an addictive flavor with a refreshing minerality that leaves you wanting more.

Young Master Mala Mule Highball Cocktail
Photo: Courtesy of Young Master

Completing the trio of highball cocktails, the Mala Mule features organic vodka, fresh ginger, lime, cane sugar and a selection of Sichuan spices. Starting out sweet, this highball rocks you with its lime and ginger flavors, but as the name suggests, this highball has a light kick towards the end thanks to those tongue-tingling mala spices.

Now available for purchase on line and at select locations such as Marketplace by Jasons, the HigherThan line will set you back $120 for a six-pack (two cans of each flavor), $240 for a 12-pack (four cans of each flavor), and $480 for a 24 -pack (eight cans of each flavor). The cocktails will also debut in Singapore in June and later this summer in the United States.

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