Yu Gi Oh! Duel Master’s Duel Pass Guide

Yu Gi Oh! Master Duel is surprisingly generous for a free game. It constantly throws free stuff at you, and one of its most comprehensive offerings is its equivalent of a Battle Pass, the Duel Pass.

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But how do you upgrade the Duel Pass and what can you get? And what is the difference between Normal and Gold? Here’s everything you need to know about the Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Duel Pass.

Updated on 04/04/2022 by Joe Parlock: As the first Duel Pass comes to an end, Konami has released a brand new pass full of new rewards. The pricing structure has also been changed for the second Duel Pass, though it’s still incredibly generous.


What is the Duel Pass

The Duel Pass is a series of rewards you can get just by playing the game. You’re probably already familiar with the concept if you’ve seen a Battle Pass in games like Fortnite and Apex Legends or the Mastery Pass in Magic the Gathering Arena.

Each Duel Pass should last between 70 and 80 days, giving you plenty of time to level up and get all the possible rewards. Although the rewards start out small, like gems and CP (the currency used to craft cards), later tiers include exclusive cosmetics like monster art, icons, and companions.

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What is Duel Pass Normal and Duel Pass Gold?

There are two tracks to the Duel Pass.

The first is the free offer available to all players, called Normal. The Normal Duel Pass has 50 Tiersending with a special reward for those who make it to the end (usually a cosmetic, like a player icon).

The Gold Duel Pass is the upgraded track that can be purchased from the in-game store on the Special tab for 800 gems (increased from the cost of the first Duel Pass by 600). Depending on your level of play (and the removal of Story missions, you can easily upgrade to the Gold Duel Pass without paying real money.

The Gold Pass comes with the same rewards as the Normal Duel Pass, with an additional track of rewards added on top. For example, at level five you will unlock the four rare CPs from the Normal Duel Pass, and four additional Gold Duel Pass. The Gold Duel Pass also goes much further than the Normal Duel Pass, ending at level 100 with a special cosmetic (for the second Duel Pass, it’s a Mokey Mokey mate).

You don’t need to get the Gold Duel Pass right away. If you’ve already progressed multiple times on the Normal Duel Pass, upgrading to Gold will give you all the rewards from previous tiers you missed.

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How to upgrade the Duel Pass

To upgrade your Duel Pass, you will need to play a Ranked Duel or Online Event:

  • Simply participating in a duel will earn you between 50 and 100 points.
  • Winning a duel will earn you 120 points.
  • Forgoing a duel will not earn you any points.

The number of points you get for participating in a Duel depends on your level (or “grade” as Master Duel calls them) in the Duel Pass. Up to tenth level you will gain 50, then every five levels after that you will gain ten more. In the 31st year, you will earn the maximum of 100 points for each duel.

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What are Duel Pass rewards?

As mentioned, there are a total of 100 Tiers available in the Duel Pass. 50 are open to Normal Duel Pass holders for free, while the Gold Duel Pass can access all 100.

Remember, once you’ve upgraded your Pass, you still need to go to the Duel Pass page to claim your rewards.

The current Duel Pass ends on Wednesday, June 16, 2022.

Grade Normal reward gold reward
2 Gems (x10) Gems (x20)
3 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x8)
4 Gems (x10) Gems (x15)
5 CP-R (x4) CP-R (x6)
6 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x8)
7 Gems (x10) Gems (x20)
8 CP-N (x6) CP-N (x8)
9 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x6)
ten Gems (x10) Gems (x15)
11 CP-R (x4) CP-R (x8)
12 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x6)
13 Gems (x15) Gems (x20)
14 CP-N (x3) CP-N (x6)
15 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x8)
16 Gems (x15) Gems (x15)
17 CP-R (x3) CP-R (x6)
18 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x8)
19 Gems (x20) Gems (x20)
20 CP-N (x3) CP-N (x8)
21 CP-SR (x6) CP-SR (x6)
22 Gems (x10) Gems (x15)
23 CP-R (x6) CP-R (x8)
24 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x6)
25 Gems (x20) Gems (x20)
26 CP-N (x3) CP-N (x6)
27 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x8)
28 Gems (x15) Gems (x15)
29 CP-R (x3) CP-R (x6)
30 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x8)
31 Gems (x20) Gems (x20)
32 CP-N (x6) CP-N (x8)
33 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x6)
34 Gems (x30) Gems (x50)
35 CP-R (x3) CP-R (x8)
36 CP-UR (x6) CP-UR (x8)
37 Gems (x10) Gems (x15)
38 CP-N (x3) CP-N (x6)
39 CP-SR (x3) CP-SR (x6)
40 Gems (x20) Gems (x20)
41 CP-R (x3) CP-R (x8)
42 CP-UR (x3) CP-UR (x6)
43 Gems (x15) Gems (x15)
44 CP-N (x3) CP-N (x8)
45 CP-SR (x6) CP-SR (x8)
46 Gems (x20) Gems (x20)
47 CP-R (x4) CP-R (x6)
48 CP-UR (x6) CP-UR (x8)
49 Gems (x50) Gems (x50)
50 Icon of the Condemned Dark Lord Dingirsu, the Orcust of the Evening Star Monster Art
51 End of the free Duel Pass CP-SR (x6)
52 Gems (x25)
53 CP-R (x8)
54 CP-UR (x16)
55 Gems (x15)
56 CP-N (x8)
57 CP-SR (x8)
58 Gems (x25)
59 CP-R (x6)
60 CP-N (x6)
61 CP-SR (x6)
62 Gems (x50)
63 CP-N (x8)
64 CP-UR (x8)
65 Gems (x15)
66 CP-R (x8)
67 CP-SR (x8)
68 Gems (x25)
69 CP-N (x8)
70 CP-UR (x6)
71 Gems (x20)
72 CP-R (x6)
73 CP-UR (x8)
74 Gems (x25)
75 CP-N (x8)
76 CP-SR (x6)
77 Gems (x20)
78 CP-R (x8)
79 CP-UR (x8)
80 CP-N (x8)
81 Gems (x25)
82 CP-R (x6)
83 CP-SR (x8)
84 Gems (x20)
85 CP-R (x8)
86 CP-UR (x8)
87 Gems (x25)
88 CP-N (x8)
89 CP-SR (x8)
90 Gems (x20)
91 CP-R (x6)
92 CP-SR (x6)
93 Gems (x25)
94 CP-N (x8)
95 CP-UR (x8)
96 Gems (x20)
97 CP-R (x8)
98 CP-SR (x8)
99 Gems (x80)
100 Mokey Mokey Mate

Previous duel passes

It’s worth keeping track of past Duel Passes, simply because they let you know which rewards you’ve been missing out on and which might return in later seasons.

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