Inside my life as a double-decker bus driver – from my driving seat “office” to handling nightmarish passengers

A double-decker bus driver has shared a glimpse into his life – from his driving seat “office” to handling nightmarish passengers.

Andre used to drive buses in London and dedicated his TikTok to humorous videos about his career.


Andre shares insight into his life on TikTok as a double-decker bus driverCredit: tiktok/@deckerlondon
He shared his


He shared his “office” and his food stashCredit: tiktok/@deckerlondon

From jokes about eating lunch alone to tips on how to read a bus timetable, @DeckerLondon doesn’t take himself too seriously.

In the video, André said the job could be tough and explained that you have to be focused all the time.

“I’ll tell you the truth, ok driving a bus in London is hard because you just have to be 100% full [of] focus,” he said.

“[If you don’t] you will hit the bus, damage the roof by hitting low bridges, damage the panels [or] hurt someone inside the bus.

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“Because the passengers, you know, if they have an accident that’s immediately a claim they’re going to file.”

As he walks to his driver’s seat, he says, “This is my office, this is my cup of tea, it’s really delicious… No!” he’s laughing.

Pointing under the driver’s seat, Andre adds, “So I’ve got some food here for you, when I’m hungry.

In the small cabin, the London bus driver keeps his papers and everything he needs for the shift.

He also revealed that the radio they had was not musical and only brought messages about routes or any other work-related issues.

“A bus is not a car, so in that respect buses can’t always speed up, buses can’t always get to your point in five minutes,” he continued.

“Give yourself plenty of time and we’ll get there hopefully safe and happy.”

Andre also documented one of his night shifts as a bus driver.

Picking up passengers in north London around 1.30am, he said the night roads were busy.

“That’s what I do as a bus driver, bring people home,” he said.

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