New herbal tea house opens in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE – A new herbal tea house opened on July 19 in Milwaukee and focuses on healthy, local teas.

“In my experience, most herbal teas didn’t taste very tasty, so my idea was to create, you know, healthy herbal teas with bold benefits – but also bold flavors,” Nick Nowaczyk, owner of ‘Urbal Tea at 3060 South 13th St., Mentioned.

Nowaczyk makes its own tea blends. He offers around 25 of his own creations. Many of its ingredients are sourced locally from Wisconsin.

“And so herbs are a play on words. These are the herbs that meet the urban, so I want to bring more herbal health to urban society and make the masses more interested in healthy alternatives.”

He says these teas, if taken regularly, can have a lasting impact on a person’s health.

“Traditional medicine, you know, goes back centuries, just taking plants, be it the raw material itself and different parts of plants, and that’s how we prepare and create medicines. “

The journey to open his storefront began in 2012. He began by selling his tea blends at farmers’ markets. After some initial success, he reached out to grocery stores. Now his teas are sold in stores in Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota and Illinois. The next phase was the opening of a store.

With the help of the local Business Improvement District, he opened a storefront on the south side of Milwaukee.

“Lots of cafes [there], but nothing like us with an emphasis on tea.

If its teas have a positive impact on our body, its building also has an impact on the neighborhood.

“Business owners here saw this as a kind of plague on the area, and eventually it was closed and stood empty for several years,” he said of the property where it is located. now his business. “There isn’t really a place in this neighborhood that people can hang out, so we want this to be the place.”

Get a cool mug there or take some home with you. Urbal Tea is open 7 days a week from 9 a.m.

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