New Pakistani Restaurant, Cha Tea House, Opens Today at Tysons Corner Center

Cha Tea House arrived at Tysons Corner Center, intending to share the love not only of Pakistani food, but also of its people and culture.

Located between & Pizza and Cava Mezze Grill, the cafe will welcome first-time customers with a smooth opening at 10am today (Friday). This is Cha Tea House’s first brick-and-mortar location after its October 2020 debut as a food truck in Springfield.

“Excited and anxious,” co-owner Sofhia Qamar said yesterday (Thursday) when asked what she thought of the impending opening. “We think we’re ready, but you’re never ready until you’re in business and operating. “

Some passers-by had already entered, perhaps attracted by the colorful signage and chairs on the restaurant’s outdoor patio. Qamar says it has been difficult to turn away these visitors, so she looks forward to being able to tell people that they are now open and serving.

In addition to tea and coffee, the menu features burgers, chicken sandwiches and burrito rolls wrapped in paratha, a traditional South Asian flatbread, as well as various sides like samosas.

The snack and dessert offerings are more extensive than what Cha Tea House is able to provide at its Springfield location. Some items, like a paan milkshake, are reintroduced after proving popular there, but too difficult to prepare in a food truck.

Once the initial frenzy of opening a new tearoom subsides, the team plans to expand the menu with salads, bowls of rice and other dishes, adding a new item each month, a. Qamar said.

While a brick-and-mortar cafe can’t replicate the roadside dhabas that inspired Cha Tea House as closely as a food truck, Qamar and fellow owners have incorporated touches of their parents’ native Pakistan into it. all the space.

A lobby lined with flower boxes suggests “an outdoor vibe,” as Qamar put it, even though it’s inside, and the walls are decorated with paintings by Pakistani artists and shipped to the United States. There is also a Cha Market at the back which will sell mugs, water bottles, and other handcrafted goods by Pakistani artists.

“We really want to educate people about the beauty of Pakistan and the richness of its culture,” said Qamar, who was born in the United States to parents who immigrated from Pakistan. “We’re really proud of it and we want to share that pride with other people and let them enjoy it too. “

Cha Tea House is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to midnight Friday, 9 a.m. to midnight Saturday, and 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday.

The cafe is preparing to host a grand opening in January which Qamar says will include musical performances. After that, there will be musicians and other types of entertainment every weekend.

“We’re really, really happy to be a part of Tysons,” she said. “This is a very promising area. It has always been a booming field, but [we want] to bring a little more diversity and introduce Pakistani food to a very adventurous group, I think, at Tysons.

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