Second Crepes Tea House location pursues owner’s vision

SOUTHWICK – Crepes Tea House owner Arturas Ribinskas had a vision for his second location.

He wanted an inviting space for families, evening couples, and local teens who needed a safe place to relax. He found all of this and more in Southwick.

Crepes Tea House opened at 157 Feeding Hills Rd. Last summer to rave reviews on its Eastern European specialties, including tea of ​​course. The Southwick location, like the original at 261 Union St. in West Springfield, offers over 100 teas from around the world. The tea options include a myriad of black, white, green, and red teas. There are also oolong, chai, and herbal varieties that can be served hot or frozen.

If tea isn’t your thing, Crepes Tea House makes a great cup of coffee, too. Crepes also offers a variety of smoothies, milkshakes, and freshly made fruit or vegetable juices. Ribinskas said he wanted to introduce people to Eastern European food and drink, and the drink menu includes kvass, a traditional Slavic and Baltic fermented drink made from rye bread, and horsebit. with cranberries, a sweet and tangy cold drink traditionally enjoyed in Russia.

Crepes in Southwick recently acquired a liquor license and will offer a full range of spirits, starting with wines from Maldova and a variety of beers, including from Poland and the Czech Republic.
“We also have traditional liqueurs, including vodka and brandy, but we plan to serve cocktails made with liqueur and tea from Eastern Europe,” Ribinskas said.

In addition to teas, the star of Crepes Tea House is the pancake. There’s a full pancake menu, with options ranging from sweet to savory and even a stuffed breakfast pancake.

Sweet toppings include hot honey, puffy cream cheese, farmhouse cheese, jam, Nutella and more. You can add fruit to the mixture and make your own pancake. Savory toppings include beef, pork, spicy chicken, and salmon, among others, with a variety of sauces to choose from, including a rich walnut sauce, white or red mushroom sauce, and spring vegetable sauce. You can add a variety of vegetables inside, as well as cheese and guacamole.

Crepes offers a fondue menu which also offers sweet and savory options. Those with a sweet tooth can choose a caramel fondue with apples and cookies, or if you’re craving something salty, bacon and broccoli in a cheese sauce can do the trick.

Crepes also has a salad menu that includes traditional style green salads with various toppings and dressings, as well as side salads such as spicy carrot salad, beetroot salad, and spring crab salad.

“We just added a shish kabob grill to our daily menu, only in Southwick,” said Ribinskas.
And while people come to Crepes Tea House to try the food, they come back for more than that. Ribinskas said that the atmosphere of Crepes Tea House is just as important as the food.

“It’s a place where people come together and have a chat,” he said. “Especially young people who don’t want to party or hang out at McDonald’s.”

Ribinskas said that Crepes has a large group of young people from the region who talk there and drink tea regularly. He said he was happy for young people to gather in his restaurant and he was open to local theater clubs and youth organizations making it a regular meeting and performance venue.

“Anyone who wants to come in should talk to me,” he said. “We want to be a nice place for young people. “

Crepes offers live music on Wednesday and Friday evenings, which Ribinskas says is “background music, not a concert” which features piano and accordion performances. He said he plans to add more events to the business this spring. Considerations include an ice cream truck offering cold ice cream specialties and creating a dog-friendly outdoor space.

Currently, Crepes Tea House offers a senior day on Monday, with free drinks or 15% off the entire bill for seniors, and a family day on Tuesday, with free drinks for families.

“We have a lot of ideas that we hope to bring here in the spring and summer,” said Ribinskas. “We can do it with the help of the community. “

The Crepes Tea House is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 7 a.m. to 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

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